Biodegradable Foams

Since environmental protection is a priority for us, we have developed foams that are

  • Certified non-PBT (non-Persistent, non-Bioaccumulative, non-Toxic)
  • Fluorine-free
  • Made of natural substances, even edible
  • Biodegradable

Pi Foam System’s firefighting power can be delivered via any foam that meets system specifications — whether it is our environment-friendly foam or a traditional variety.

Foam formula and system components tailored for optimal performance in all conditions

Not all combustible liquids are created equal. When firefighters combat flames on liquids with low boiling points, the fluid may continue to evaporate even beneath the foam layer. If the boiling point is high, the foam may evaporate before the liquid does, exposing the fluid to additional hazards such as boilover. Firefighters might try to defeat such blazes by ramping up the foam intensity — but if the foam is not up to the job, this often proves useless. Swiss Fire Protection’s solution is to develop foam formulas that are expressly designed for putting out fires on tricky liquids, even in the most extreme climactic conditions. And the Pi Foam System reliably distributes foam with an intensity that extinguishes even the toughest fires. We have developed an ideal instant-foam formula and pressure for each of the following industries

oil iconOil industry

chemical iconPharmaceutical industry

flask iconChemical industry

leaf icon

Vegetable-oil industry

Our mission is to revolutionize firefighting while eliminating environmental threats

Until recently, tank-firefighting systems have not given sufficient priority to environmental protection. Contamination from flue gas, dangerous substances, toxic-foam spillage, and fumes was considered inevitable, so authorities have imposed neither criminal nor financial penalties in relation to environmental damage. Imagine the environmental impact of a weeklong storage-tank fire that can even be seen from outer space! Our System limits smoke and combustion to a maximum of π minutes.

The fluorinated hydrocarbons in firefighting foam cause long-term soil contamination that can far outweigh the environmental damage from air pollution. We offer biodegradable foam instead of toxic traditional foams. Unlike traditional foam-shooting methods, Pi Foam is applied directly onto the fire and nowhere else. No foam spillage, no soil contamination. Our System prevents catastrophe and minimizes the impact of any fire event in the petrochemical sector.

Theoretically, everyone has the right to claim innocence by arguing that their fire-prevention system has all the official seals and complies with current recommendations, standards, and laws. Unfortunately, technical specifications often lag behind technical innovation. Authorities may not force manufacturers and operators to replace ineffective technologies. Makers of traditional firefighting equipment may come out with new and improved devices, but these still cannot extinguish flames in a reasonable amount of time.

Although firefighters around the world perform heroic work, the profession’s approach to technology is sometimes problematic. State-of-the-art equipment inevitably becomes outdated in just a few years, meaning firefighters may someday confront a blaze they can never put out. In many cases, the best they can do is to “keep the fire under control,” which simply means allowing it to burn until it consumes all the combustible material. With the Pi Foam System, the tank remains intact. There is no damage to the environment and no risk to human life. It may not be an exaggeration to say that true “control” means extinguishing fires in less than π minutes using the Pi Foam System.